Friday, December 16, 2016

Day 351: Lotion on the go!

With winter and dry weather fast approaching, keeping your skin well hydrated is important. And nothing takes more damage than your hands. I've gotten into the habit of tossing one tube of L'Occitane hand cream into all my bags. It is part of my on flight carry bag I take with me as well. They also make good stocking stuffers!  

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Day 297: Hot journals

I am obsessed with journals. I don't know what attracts me to them. Maybe because a new one is like a blank canvas, the endless white untouched pages just waiting to be used. I collect them, and have them in all shapes in sizes. Hard covers, soft covers. Lined, unlined. Large ones that rival newly released books, and small ones that can fit in the palm of my hand. In fact these smaller ones are great because I toss them in my purse in case I need to make a note of something, or keep never ending grocery lists.  

When I travel I use them to make notes both before I depart. Any research I've done pre-trip like places to go, restaurants to try, and other must-sees. During the trip, I still jot down things I've discovered or epiphanies I've made. I tend to shop for them too when I travel. Airports and museum gift stores are my favorite spots. On my latest trip I picked up a Dan Bennett Magneto Blank book at the Dusseldorf airport. I was attracted to the colorful cover. I had picked up a planner with his art in 2010 from the San Francisco art museum store. This airport by the way had many notebooks to chose from, and I even saw them a new Moleskin store set to open up as well!  

One of the smallest notebooks that I have, and incidentally the most expensive one, is from Smythson in London. This featherweight paper that was copyrighted in 1916 is so elite that each page is watermarked. The patent leather covers come in many colors and you can even get one with a cheeky phrase. I chose one in a hot pink color that said "Supermum" in bold, gold embossed letters. When I got it packaged the cashier asked me if it was a gift, and I said "Yes, it's a gift for me."  

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Day 266: Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

"Fresh" from my trip to the French and Italian Riviera, I fell in love with yet another European breakfast staple. When you order the drink, the bar keeper will pull out fresh oranges and make the juice right on the spot. You can't get more fresh than that!

When I got home, along with croissants, I longed for the sweet tang of those morning juices. Packed away in the back of my kitchen cupboard is a simple manual squeezer with a glass jar attached to it. I pulled it out of it's retirement and put it work!Though it looks very nice, I found that my wooden lemon squeezer and a good old fashioned fork were more effective.  

I got four large naval oranges and cut them in half, not along the core but perpendicular to it. With the four oranges I got about 12 ounces, or a serving and a half. It was juice enough to quench my thirst, but to enjoy more I may have to resort to buying it from the grocery store!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Day 245: You do you

Happy September! With Fall right at our fingertips, it's a great time to take inventory of your wardrobe. I'm someone who doesn't follow trends, though I like to window shop and gather ideas from my favorite fashion magazines. I came across this in the latest issue of Marie Claire. This is so true for me, even from when I was a teenager.  It's so important for you to do you!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Day 234: DIY friendship necklace with tassels

Homebound for a few days, and tired of coloring in my meditative coloring book, I decided to make a friendship necklace.  I got a multicolor pack from Target, and some latches from Wal-mart and viola! The final product is a long necklace with multiple tassels that can be worn as is or doubled up!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Day 222: Travel must have

When traveling internationally, packing light can be a challenge. I consider myself pretty low key when it comes to beauty essentials, but I find the most frustrating things to pack are hair accessories. To get it under control my thick quick-to-frizz hair requires either a large barrel curling iron or a high quality straight iron. And even when I do pack these hair tools they often go unused because I can't find time (or space) to do my hair properly, or because of voltage issues.  

Enter the CHI Escape Cordless Hair Iron.  With a 220V plug it can easily be used while on the go or when traveling internationally. Though the battery doesn't stay charged for too long (about 20 minutes) it has enough juice to clean up your tresses in no time! Not to mention it's cordless, so you can do it anywhere. Travelgram, here I come!

CHI Escape Cordless Hair Iron, $109.99 at

Friday, July 29, 2016

Day 210: Vintage that never gets old

Something about fall, and the back to school sales makes me want to get a new pair of sneakers. Though my school days are long gone, I get tempted every decade or so by one of my school time favorites. These Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline kicks were on sale, and since I already have a pair of neutral tan ones, I got them in turquoise. They have enough of a pop of color to seem interesting, but pleasantly go with most of my outfits and pair well with jeans. And who doesn't like a bright clean pair of shoes at the start of a new school year?